Many households are missing out on the benefits of adopting renewable energy as they either do not own their own homes, or do not have the capital or cash flow to invest in the necessary energy saving equipment. To change this, GADSA will enable non-homeowners to benefit from renewable energy generation, particularly rooftop solar PV and energy efficient appliances. GADSA will establish a fund to help people attain the benefits they are currently missing out on.

A small financial incentive will be made to applicants. This will be an interest free payment of $500 to $1000, repayable after 12 months. The funds will be made available to proposals that achieve social, financial and environmental benefits. Projects could include:

  • Installation of solar panels on social infrastructure,
  • Purchase of energy and water efficient appliances that replace old and less efficient items,
  • or other projects

that will improve the financial and sustainability of households or community organisations.

Encouragement for owners of rental accommodation, especially organisations managing community housing, to install rooftop solar systems to the mutual benefit of both owners and tenants are considered preferable.

Organisations or Individuals willing to cooperate in this endeavour are asked to contact GADSA.